Computer Services at Your Fingertips

altComputers at Your Fingertips provides a wide range of services to meet your every need. We assist in the selection process for quality new and used computers and replacement parts, custom order your final selection, take delivery and install, either at your location or ours.

Don’t throw away your computer when there is a problem; instead allow us to personally evaluate it for repair, upgrade or replacement. Once evaluated, we review the results with you and help you make a choice that makes financial sense. In some cases replacement is the only feasible choice; however, many times the actual cost to replace far exceeds the cost to repair. If after evaluation you decide to let Computers at Your Fingertips complete the job, the evaluation fee is deducted from the final cost of repair, upgrade or replacement. That’s right; the evaluation can ultimately be free.

altAnd don’t let the first available salesperson at a big box store tell you what’s right for you. We are here to establish a long-term relationship to help you get the most out of your computing experience. Therefore, we take the time to evaluate your needs, understand how you use computers and give you the personal support you not only deserve but require.

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