Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need virus protection and do I have to renew it when it expires?Answer: Absolutely, virus protection is a critical and essential component to help protect your PC from viruses and remove spyware.
Question: Will additional memory make my PC run faster?Answer: That depends on the actual reason it is running slowly. Typically PCs delivered new come with an adequate supply of memory for its lifetime. If your skill level and needs have not changed drastically, then memory may not be the cause of the slow down. Contact us to get the right solution to your problem.
Question: Are toolbars safe; should I install them when recommended? Answer: Toolbars can be safe and unsafe. What really matters is what toolbars do. While toolbars may make things appear to be conveniently located, they have an alternate purpose you cannot see. They track and report your activities on the internet and sometimes on the computer itself to the originator or their designee. While this can sometimes be harmless, keep in mind automated processes are first in line for resources on your computer. Eventually, you will notice the difference.
Question: Are all websites safe?

Answer: Not all websites are safe, so be careful as you surf the web. Watch for lots of advertisements and if your computer starts moving on its own, close the internet immediately and stay away from that site. You may want to run a detailed virus scan to ensure you were not infected with a virus or spyware.

Question: If I have up-to-date virus protection, can I do anything I want on the internet without the fear of getting a virus? Answer: Not at all. Viruses and spyware are created daily, and it is impossible for anyone to track every virus created. You must take ownership for surfing safely, keeping your eyes open for obvious problems and remember, FREE, is not always FREE. For example, avoid free virus protection, free music and naughty websites because they may infect your PC.