Social Media in Business

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Social Media in Business

Networking Networking Sites play a very important role in the business world today. Social media serves as an easy and relatively inexpensive way for organizations to start their marketing campaigns. The use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others are now being implemented by both large and small companies.

Social media provides multiple perks for both the consumer and the organization. The use of social media marketing tends to increase communication for organizations,

brand awareness and improve customer service. It also makes it easier for the consumer to contact the company through formats as simple as Q&A. Companies can tell consumers more about who they are and what they do through social media than in a 30 second commercial. On sites such as Facebook, companies can take time to portray a broader picture of themselves, and consumers can ask questions or just add their two cents. While on Vlog Sites such as YouTube, companies can upload 30 second commercials or long infomercials that can be replayed at will if the viewer missed something and usually, if it becomes viral enough, land on T.V.

Social media is a highly recommended form of advertisement. That being said, it probably will not be extremely successful overnight because unlike those 30 second commercials, social media pages are not seen by the general public unless the company is already famous and the consumer specifically searched for the page. This form of advertisement mainly relies on how well the company’s exploits are spread by word of mouth and consumer curiosity.

There are many effective forms of social networking, and we will explore some of these sites and popular marketing tactics at a later date.

Written by: Jonathan Gilson, College Intern