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The maintenance of your computer is equally as important as the maintenance of your car. A well-oiled machine will run for years and years. But a car that isn’t properly maintained is dirty and rusty and won’t last even half as long as one that is cleaned and oiled routinely.  The same is true for your computer.  A computer full of dust that is not running efficiently is soon to die; however, a clean and professionally maintained computer will run for a long time. That’s why it’s important to keep the outside of your computer clean regularly and entrust the experts at Computers at Your Fingertips to clean the inside at least once a year. Here are some helpful tips for quarterly maintenance of your computer:

  1. Clean your keyboard – It’s might seem obvious, but cleaning your keyboard is the #1 way to help the longevity of your computer, especially a laptop. Your daily keyboard activity might not seem like a lot, but think about this: every time you touch the keyboard you deposit skin cells, hair follicles, dust, and even food particles (you Cheese Popcorn eaters know what I’m talking about!) that can encrust themselves onto the keys or worse, under them! Let’s not forget those that drink over or near their laptop; those accidental spills can kill your computer or cause an expensive repair. So, clean your keyboards now and quarterly hereafter and stop eating and drinking over your computer keyboard!
  2. Clean your monitor – Monitors and screens get dusty very quickly! it’s so important to keep as much dust away from your monitor as possible; this includes the front and the back!  Imagine breathing and sucking in piles of dust with every breath. That’s what could be happening to your computer if you don’t dust it often enough!
  3. Clean your peripherals – These are mice, keyboards, external hard drives or anything that connects into a port on your computer! Clean them all on the outside and leave the inside to an experienced technician; you do not want to damage them.  Again, it’s all about removing dust and debris to help maximize the longevity and life of your computer.
  4. Tidy-up your desktop – Most people have desktop icons they don’t use. You know who you are! Spend a few minutes straightening up the icons on your desktop. Get rid of anything you haven’t used or used frequently in the past month. Put them in a folder titled “Rarely Used Icons.” This will not only help eliminate clutter on your desktop; it will help you operate more efficiently.
  5. Change all your passwords – Passwords are a tricky subject. Some people use the same password for everything and then wonder why their bank account gets hacked, some people use “1234″ which is the least secure password known to man, others make up impossible-to-remember passwords and then expect their Windows Explorer, Firefox, or Safari to remember it for them! But regardless of your password methodology, it’s crucial that you change your passwords every quarter. Doing so might take some time and effort to remember all your new passwords, but it’s worth a little time and effort vs. getting hacked and loosing everything.


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