Tap Into Our Helpful Hints: Routine Maintenance

Welcome to the first edition of Tap into Our Helpful Hints, our new series that explores ways to help maintain and protect your computers. For more information or any help you may need regarding your home or office computer systems, contact us here at Computers at Your Fingertips.

Computer Maintenance:

  • Update software – Software companies like Microsoft are always making updates and changes to their computer software. Even if the old software still works on your computer, it will become a thing of the past quicker than you know! Stay up-to-date with the latest versions of important software.
  • Update or renew your anti-virus software – This is the most important thing you can do yearly to help safeguard your computer. There are so many computer viruses, spam, cookies, and other things that threaten your computer on a daily basis. Protect your important documents, photos, and files.
  • Not sure how to complete the updates and maintenance or what you should and should not update? – Computers at Your Fingertips can update your systems at regular intervals depending on how often you use your computer and how you use it.  Many updates can be disguised as essential software when they are actually a virus or spyware.  Having a computer professional analyze your system regularly, remove unsafe and problematic software and complete your updates for you can help minimize problems and maximize performance overall.


Computers at Your Fingertips is your place for computer maintenance, computer repair, computer sales and expert support and diagnostics. We maintain your home and office computers, network, printers, and provide a full range of upgrades and repair services.  Contact us today!

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